Tug Lautaro (8th)

This is a Veritas-Class ship, built in Norwegian Yardships, identical to R.A.M. Janequeo and Galvarino.According to Resolution C.J.A. (Res.) N 4520/C-1227 Vrs. passed on December 19, 1990, this ship is added to the Chilean Navy from December 21, 1990. Last Modification: 27/01/2009

Missile Craft Teniente Orella (4th)

This ship is the former P-S6154 Elster. She is a Tiger (or S-148) Class cutter, Combattante II type of the German Navy, which was built at the Cherbourg Yardships in France.It was one of the 20 cutters that formed the Fast Launches Flotilla of the German Navy, which operated from the naval bases...

Missile Craft Teniente Uribe (3rd)

This cutter was previously called P 6041 Tiger, and was built for the German Navy at the Cherbourg Yardships in France. It was the first 148-type cutter of her class.It was commissioned on October 30, 1972, and served in the German Navy for 26 years.This ship belonged to the 3rd Squadron of Fast...

Submarine Thomson (V)

209 Class, 1400-L Type submarine built for the Chilean Navy at HDW Shipyards in Kiel, Germany since 1980. Launched on May 7, 1984 when the national flag was raised. Mrs. Berta Undurraga acted as her sponsor and her first Commander Officer was Captain Roman Fritis Perez.Arrived at Chilean port on...