Strategic Direction

Strategic Direction

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Vision and Strategy of the Navy

Considering the Naval mission and the foreseen stage for the future years, it is necessary to establish a vision that orients institutional action.

In this vision, it is first established what the Navy should provide (Naval Power and Maritime Service), explaining that this contribution should be exercised in multiple geographical stages and in a wide spectrum of functions.

Additionally, two additional aspects are expressed with respect to interior management of the institution: the use of resources assigned by the State and the features of its personnel' finally, hope and need to be a valued and respected institution are included.

In this way, the Navy's vision is: "Institution that awards a Naval Power and Maritime Service, capable of operating efficiently in all areas of interest for the State of Chile".

In this sense, the efficiency and efficient compliance of the mission requires effort in various areas or both that are concurrent for Vision and Strategy of the Navy the achievement of the vision. For this, one must have present the distinctive features of the functions that are demanded by the Navy: on one side, maintain capabilities to confront extreme situations of conflict or natural disaster and, at the same time, act permanently in activities related to the Maritime Service, Peace Operations, and community support.

In this way, achieving the production of necessary naval and maritime abilities for the compliance of the institution's mission requires development in four fundamental pillars: personal, training, media and infrastructure.

Additionally, and to achieve coherent and coordinated development, a process of Strategy Direction is required that achieves institutional alignment, management and its control, relation to authority, financial administration and other objectives related to high ranking direction.

As all modern Marines around the world, the principal objective of the Chilean Navy is to gain control of the sea. This control of responsible areas of the Navy provides benefits and capabilities to the country that help with national development.

In order to achieve this fundamental objective, and give the diversity of the missions assigned to the Naval and Maritime Forces, our institution generically defines operations and functions according to their connotation and effect, grouping them into three principal roles: Defence, Maritime Security, and support of the Exterior Politics of the State.

At the same time, the flexibility, versatility of the means and adaptability of naval and maritime capabilities, allow for the accomplishment of legal obligations and the support of the State in other areas of national interest, such as: National Cohesion and Unit, Physical integration of territory, Public Security, Social Integration and Inclusion, Economic development and Natural disaster mitigation.

In order to achieve these roles, the Navy possesses capacities that provide them Naval Power and Maritime ServiceImagen foto_00000001