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Lunes 26 de mayo de 2014

A Forward-Looking Tradition Education

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The Arturo Prat Naval Academy located in Valparaiso, is where future Navy Officers receive their academic, moral, cultural and physical fitness education that will enable them to develop the necessary leadership skills to command personnel and to efficiently manage the institutions resources. Navy Officers are classified in two categories Seagoing Officers and Services Officers the latter being shore based positions. While at the Academy, future Officers have the option of choosing to specialize in the following areas: Executive, Naval Engineering, Marine Corp, Naval Aviation, Coast Guard, Supplies or Services that includes Legal, Medical, Dental and Religious professions. Seagoing Officers are expected to carry out further studies at other institutions such as the Naval Polytechnic Academy, local and foreign Universities as well as international military and naval academies.

On completion of their training, the Officers receive professional and academic qualifications that are equivalent to a university degree. A certain number of Officers will subsequently further their studies as Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Naval War Academy.

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Education as a whole: Combining Values with Military and Professional Expertise.

The young men who attend the Navy Apprentice School for Seamen, "Alejandro Navarrete Cisterna", located on Quiriquina Island, graduate with knowledge in Human Sciences.  Having already acquired military training in skills of seamanship and the physical ability required to work aboard a ship this additional training enables them to successfully continue on into their chosen area of specialization. The school also trains women personnel in the fields of supplies, administration, and health care.

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The Naval War Academy, located in Valparaiso, teaches Officers to become Joint Chiefs of Staff. Its international recognition is reflected in the high number of foreign Officers and civilian professionals that join its courses.

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The Naval Polytechnic Academy is responsible for providing specialized naval education. Graduates from the Seaman Training School complete their professional training here. They will graduate as middle or high-level technicians. Likewise, Seagoing Officers may study for degrees in Naval Systems or Marine Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Hydrography and Oceanography.

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The Naval Aviation School trains Officers and Seamen who are specialized in Naval Aviation. The school uses Pilatus PC-7 monoplanes to carry out the Basic Course for Pilot Officers.

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A large part of the training of submariners takes place at this School at the Talcahuano Naval Base. I The acquisition of the new Scorpene submarines, the "O'Higgins" and "Carrera" has provided an excellent environment for their crews to advance their skills in the efficient  operation and maintenance of these important assets.

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The four mast Barkantine/Schooner "Esmeralda" also known as "Dama Blanca" (White Lady), has sailed the oceans of the world for the past fifty years and is the training ship for the The Naval Academy graduating class of Midshipmen and the top seamen graduates from the Seaman Training School. This annual cruise lasts several months and is intended as a finishing off training experience where the participants acquire true seamanship skills as a final requirements before assuming Officer status. During the cruise the "Esmeralda" visits many different countries allowing the crew to acquire first-hand experience of different cultures.