Tug Leucotón (3rd)

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  • Año:1972
  • Desplazamiento:1,750 tons
  • Potencia de Maquinaria4,000 HP


1 40 mm. Double assembly.

  • Velocidad Máxima13 Knots.
  • Eslora:53.1 meters.
  • Manga:
  • Puntal:
  • Calado:4.4 meters
  • Comandante Lieutenant Commander Eduardo Echeverría Parrague

Nombres anteriores

RAM Lilen.

Tug Leucotón (3rd)
Tug Leucotón (3rd)

This ship is an 1104 D Smith Class, which crashed against an oil rig in the Magellan Strait on August 6, 1990.
She was acquired to Ultragas Shipping Company S.A. by the Chilean Navy, and then she was repaired and commissioned.
According to Resolution C.J.A. Res. Nº 4520/1096 this ship was added to the Chilean Navy on March 25, 1991.

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