Lighthouse Vessel Ingeniero George Slight Marshall

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  • Año:1978
  • Desplazamiento:1.210 t
  • Potencia de Maquinaria1.360 HP


2 20 mm single mounts

  • Velocidad Máxima12.5 knots
  • Eslora:52,95 meter
  • Manga:11,15 meter
  • Puntal:5,0 meter
  • Calado:3,5 meter
  • Comandante Lieutennat Commander Jorge Parga Balaresque

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Lighthouse Vessel Ingeniero George Slight Marshall
Lighthouse Vessel Ingeniero George Slight Marshall

Former buoy vessel of Dutch construction and English property.
This lighthouse vessel was named after the Scottish Engineer, George Slight Marshall, hired by Admiral Jorge Montt Alvarez, who required that more than 70 lighthouses were established along the coast of Chile.
Among the works of George Slight Marshall is the "Evangelistas" Lighthouse, located on the homonym island, which construction makes evident the technical ability and creativeness of its constructor, especially because of the wild conditions of the place chosen for its construction.
Vessel commissioned into the Chilean Navy on February 5, 1997, according to the Resolution C.J.A. Nº 4520/5 of January 17, 1997.

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