Tug Galvarino (4th)

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  • Año:1974
  • Desplazamiento:2,200 tons.
  • Potencia de Maquinaria2,650 HP


1 40/70 mm. assembly.

  • Velocidad Máxima12 knots
  • Eslora:58.3 meters.
  • Manga:12.2 meters.
  • Puntal:6.6 meters.
  • Calado:4.5 meters
  • Comandante Commander Jaime Mc Intyre Astorga

Nombres anteriores

Maersk Traveller.

Tug Galvarino (4th)
Tug Galvarino (4th)

This ship was built at the slipway 51 of Aukra Bruk Yardships in Norway, for Danish Company Maersk. She was launched in August,1974. Her first port of registration was Skagen.
This ship was designed to assist deep water oil rigs. It also has a reinforced hull to sail among ice floes, for what she is equipped with an excellent seakeeping system. She can load up to 1,400 tons.
Acquired by Chile, her flag was changed in the port of Frediricia, Denmark, on November 20, 1987; arriving in Valparaíso on January 26, 1988.
It was commissioned to the Third Navy Zone as a tug for rescue operations. In 1990, it was commisioned to the Antarctic Flotilla, assisting operations at the Chilean Antarctic Bases during the supply period, from November to February every year.
On January 1, 1999, it was commision to the Naval Fleet Command.

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