Transport AP41 Aquiles

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  • Año:1988
  • Desplazamiento:4550 t
  • Potencia de Maquinaria7080 HP


2 20 mm. assembly double.

  • Velocidad Máxima18 knots
  • Eslora:103 meters
  • Manga:17 meters
  • Puntal:7 meters
  • Calado:5,5 meters
  • Comandante Commander Manuel Pinochet Rodríguez

Nombres anteriores

Transport AP41 Aquiles
Transport AP41 Aquiles

Transport vessel built at ASMAR (T) according to plans provided by the Canadian company Cleaver & Walkingshaw Ltd.
Laid down on May 27, 1986; launched and baptized on December 4, 1987.
This vessel, the largest one built in Chile by the time of her launching, was officially incorporated to the Chilean Navy on August 16, 1988.

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