Message from The Admiral

Message from The Admiral

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I warmly welcome you to the pages of our site web, a Chilean Navy publication aimed to show readers the reality of our Institution. A modern Navy composed of men and women highly qualified to operate ships, airplanes, and vehicles, media that allows us to adequately accomplish our mission.

Our Navy has met the Bicentennial of the Republic endowed with modern skills which enable us to develop all kinds of tasks, related to our scope of activity, which the State requires.

We seek to be a Navy with a highly standardized promptness of action, for which we work steadily throughout our continental, insular, and antarctic territory contributing to the defense of the integrity and sovereignty of our country, as well as supporting the integration of citizens living in isolated sectors. We patrol ceaselessly the Chilean sea to protect human life, the environment, and to preserve or our marine resources.

We are an institution that serves every Chilean citizen and the socioeconomic development of the country. Thus, we believe it is necessary to continue upgrading our processes of action and management, regarding the administration of our human material, and financial resources in order to meet high standards of efficiency, effectiveness, and integrity, a responsibility we assume with full commitment.

You are warmly invited to sail through the pages of Vigía, a magazine that opens up the Chilean Navy to the world, projecting with legitimate pride our actions and the valuable work our personnel does.

¡Welcome aboard!

Enrique Larrañaga Martin