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Jueves 16 de enero de 2014

Juan Illanes Laso

Vice Admiral

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Vice Admiral Illanes was born in Santiago, Chile 8 August 1949 and upon graduation from the schools Saint George, Luis Campino and SS.CC de Alameda, he entered the Naval Academy Arturo Prat, graduating as ensign on January 1st, 1970.
He is specialist in General Staff and Naval Weapons Engineer - major on Electronics. He holds the professional degree of Naval Weapons Engineer - major on Electronics and the academic degrees of University Graduated in Naval and Maritime Sciences with major on Electronic Systems and a Masters degree on Naval and Maritime Sciences - major on Strategy.

He has performed courses belonging to the naval career on Command and Control Systems in England and Electronic Warfare in Israel.

Throughout his more than seventeen years serving on board, he has performed on AO Almirante Montt, PFG Almirante Lynch, DLH Captain Prat, DLH Almirante Cochrane and command of LMs. He was assigned Commander of LM Chipana in 1987, DDG Almirante Riveros in 1992 and 1993, of DLH Captain Prat in 1996 and Chief of General Staff of the National Fleet in 1997. During that duty, he performed as Commodore of the UNITAS Operation with US Navy units.

Among his shore duties, we can highlight his performance as Chief of Department at the Naval Weapons Directorate, Naval Attach to the Chilean Embassy in Israel and Sub Director of the General Directorate of Services of the Navy.

On January 1, 2000 the Supreme Government promotes him to Rear Admiral and he assumes the position of Director of Weapons of the Navy. As from November 29, 2000, he takes over as Director of Research, Programs and Development of the Navy.

As from 19 December, 2002, he assumes the position of General Director of Services of the Navy. On January 1, 2003, the Supreme Government promoted him to Vice Admiral.

He is married to the former Andrea GUERRA and they have three children.

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