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Coastal Patrol Ship Grumete Rudecindo Troncoso

  • Año:1972
  • Desplazamiento:40 t
  • Potencia de Maquinaria550 HP


2 .50 guns

2 20/63 mm guns

  • Velocidad Máxima17,5 knots
  • Eslora:19.8 meters
  • Manga:5.5 meters
  • Puntal:1.8 meters
  • Calado:2.9 meters
  • Comandante Ensign Iván Norambuena Quijada

Nombres anteriores

Coastal Patrol Ship Grumete Rudecindo Troncoso
Coastal Patrol Ship Grumete Rudecindo Troncoso

Belongs to the Dabur Class of units designed to perform patrolling in inland and coastal waters.
The first ones were built in the United States by the end of the sixties during the Vietnam War. Afterwards, the fabrication license was donated to the Israeli Navy, where are currently built.
The design exceeded the estimated quality specifications which resulted on a reliable boat of great versatility, easy maneuvering, and high resistance to failure.
She was commissioned into the Chilean Navy on March 17, 1995 according to the Resolution C.J.A. No 4520/10 of March 15, 1995.

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