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Missile Craft Casma (3rd)

  • Año:1974
  • Desplazamiento:450 tons
  • Potencia de Maquinaria11,880 HP


2 20 mm. Machine guns

2 76/62 mm. cannons

2 missile launchers.

2 .50 Machine guns

  • Velocidad Máxima32 knots
  • Eslora:58,1 meters.
  • Manga:7,62 meters.
  • Puntal:4,95 meters.
  • Calado:2.4 meters.
  • Comandante Commander Rodrigo Vega Contreras

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Missile Craft Casma (3rd)
Missile Craft Casma (3rd)

This Israeli Reshef type Missile Cutter, formerly called Romach (Lance), was first commissioned in 1974.
On November 8, 1979, the Chilean National flag was raised on board this ship, which is now called LM.30 Casma.

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